Saturday, April 12, 2014


How many times have we said or at least heard, I'm afraid of what this might lead to? While wisdom is essential in kingdom matters, living in fear is a mistake of the moment; not the future.  Hesitancy in the name of being careful stymies the great walks some could have upon the stormy seas.

Bravery and courage are not villains as some would imply.  Rather, these are for the faithful who can dare run headlong into the Red Sea only to experience the glory of God's sweeping hand.

Our Christian call to mobilize has a far greater chance of success if we will shed our cloaks of fear.  We can't predict the future; how things will go or how matters will develop.  We can, however, step with confidence into the future terrain for God has it assessed and earmarked for His glory and our wonder.

Listen to Calvin Miller's comment on God's view of our moments.  Our future fears are completely groundless if we remember that God knows the future.  Time is God's visible captive.  He sees the front from the end and the end from the front.  Our insecurities about our future are needless.

And then you'll love how Kellogg Albran chimes in.  I have seen the future.  It is much like the present, only longer.

It is always God who runs our show.  No one and nothing else.  Short straws don't run it.  Odds don't.  Good or bad breaks don't.  And, sheer lack doesn't.  God does.

Fear is not our boss.  Love is.  Love inspired and shared by God is.  Dare to wade into the Red Sea of Fear and demand that it part.  As the raging Sea was used as His children's stepping stones, may you walk upon the sidewalk of fear.

Take a step...and smile.

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