Friday, February 14, 2014


In sending an email to a prisoner this morning, I mentioned that Jesus was sent(enced) to earth.  Now I might take some flack from such a statement; yet I assure you my intent is honorable.

I was pointing out to her that although she is behind walls and bars she can look at her days as a missional journey for God.  Yes, she was guilty and sentenced.  Abiding according to law, this woman will pay the proper penalty. Yet since she is incarcerated, I urged her to see that for her, this time is to be regarded as a mission.

This is her avenue of going into all of the world.  With God, regardless of our past, we are free to find value and a place to fit into His glorious scheme.

We don't tend to regard Jesus as being sent to earth as being sentenced.  For certain he was not sent as punishment because he had done anything wrong.  Jesus was sent, however, to become each of our violations.  And just as certain, he was sent to become guilty....for each of us.

Jesus was sent(enced) to earth that the guilty (us) are sent(enced) to heaven!

Praise God for this amazing exchange!

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