Thursday, January 16, 2014


From an outsider's perspective, church is rather enigmatic.  God and faith and church just seem perplexing as well as confusing.  I lived in the outsiders mode for a long time.  Now that I am on this inside, I agree with much of what bugs those looking in.

A big question is, What difference does faith in God make?

If church is a service project center, multiple community organizations offer good programs.  If church is a useful social connection, card parties and golf outings provide excellent bonding times as well.  And, if church is a literary group gathered to discuss the latest publication, libraries are ahead of the idea.

But...the church is to be heavily invested in each of the above.  We are to be all of those things and more. What I wish to communicate to the church is that we are to be more than a mediocre group taking a stab at making a difference.  We want to see divine results.

Faith in God is not a sidewalk jaunt into dull routine-ism.  It is beyond all levels of service, social, and knowledge accumulation.  Why?  Because no person, no gathering, no other religions, no event, and no cause is embedded within the resurrection factor.

Speaking of the father of faith, Abraham, Romans 4:17 gives us clear and direct insight to the Difference Maker. the sight of Him whom he believed, even God, who gives life to the dead and calls into being that which does not exist.

T-h-i-s  i-s  t-h-e  D-i-f-f-e-r-e-n-c-e  M-a-k-e-r!  The difference between God/faith/church over all other entities is the resurrection factor that circumstances which appear hopeless can regain hope.  God can make something from nothing.  We are to actually live from such a base.

So when we see relationships cratering (or over) this means nothing to the one who believes in the Difference Maker.  When the day seems dry of productivity, the Difference Maker can shift the results.  We are to walk in serving others, relating to others, and knowing how to manage the habitual walk called living.

Various groups and apps are available to assist in negotiating each.  Yet, the Difference Maker is the only element that can make dead facts breathe air again and can cause something that isn't to become actual.

For me and my household, I want to put my confidence in the Spirit of God.  He goes places and takes us places that no one else can enter.  Yes, there are abundant opportunities to live as good people.  Yet, God does not call us to be good.  He calls us to be of power.

We are called to live anticipating God's resurrection power--not just at the Final Curtain on Resurrection Day--in our paths for our works day in and day!

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