Tuesday, January 28, 2014


When it comes to education, health, and relationships, a sobriety of mission drapes all hearts.  We are devoted to learning deeply into subjects which will enhance our insight as well as lifestyle.  As far as health goes, we are focused.  Relationships? These are of maximum importance.

And then there is the subject of God, faith, and church.

These three perceived from man's sober mission?  Not so much.  Truly it is a "take it or leave it" kind of thing; and after all, we know everyone has their own opinion.

The masses of all time will be lost because of one of the saddest reasons imaginable; sheer laziness.  People are too lazy and indifferent to take seriously the reality and the call of God.  This is world-disaster in the making.

It would be one story if we applied ourselves to research of kingdom life and concluded from our best undertaking that this concept isn't legitimate.  But this is not the case.  God and His realm are dismissed with a shrug by too many of "Whatever."

Even churches are packed with this obstinate dismissal; yet the powerless motion of religious formation continues.

What will it take?  What does it take to be true believers in Jesus the Lamb?

It will not take finding the best denomination or favorite worship style or best children's programs.  It will take serious study and eventual relationship to the man who went to hell and back; Jesus.  This demands both cost and courage.

It is at the approach of these two hills (cost and courage) when the hearts can begin to stall.  Applying ourselves to researching and entering the lifestyle of Jesus is more than a religious placard on a wall.  It takes concentration in prayer and surrender of which I am merely in kindergarten at my age.

There are no penalties nor threats when driving to a building on Sunday morning for an hour or two so that one may sit on a pew and roost a religious bit.  And such hearts are what we would all note as "not in it".

When we bravely risk to reach to others--not just in good deeds, but in the name of Jesus--intimidation is strong.  Crossing the line and moving ahead anyway is both terrifying and rewarding.  I know.  I've been so afraid on so many counts only to find on the other side deep and unfathomable blessings awaited.

I root for us.

It is my great desire to see us enter that doorway of intimidation only to find the provision of God to be abundant.  We don't find that while cowering in fear.  We discover it in the zone of risk and danger.

Churches aren't houses of safety to protect our children.  Churches are the huddled to gain the courage to suck it up and dare to step out into a world of howling wolves ready to pounce...with the full intention to win!

The Spirit of God defeats pouncers.  We will never know it just by reading our favorite books.  We will know it when we determine to jump with no safety net.  We are the small birdlings perched with the call to eventually fly.  What a sad world it would be if all of His birds chose to walk because they "just couldn't do the risk stuff".

Religious man basically doesn't do things that scare us.  We do things that (1) we like, and that (2) won't tax us.  In the meantime needs from Jesus and His Spirit are extreme throughout our communities.

Good for you; those who have sacrificed to see that others have reason to hope! Good for you; those who could live in much nicer houses, but you have chosen to do without that some strangers might do with.  Good for you; when you actually pray for blessings upon those with problems too big for you to tackle.

Believing takes courage and comes with a cost.  We are to take up our crosses--not our schedules--and die for others daily.  May we together somehow gain spiritual momentum in this very dicey task.  The mission is supreme.

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