Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Brokenness is a hot button for kingdom labor.  Some of the more elaborate God-stories unfold from the scenes of anguish and despair.  Our encounters with the wounded minister to us even while we minister to them.  Not to be overlooked is that our own struggles offer refreshment of spirit for any who take their turns to minister to us.

I guide your attention to one specific broken group among us; that of those who have been plummeted, perhaps by some like me due to impure religion and religionists. Peek into the coffee shops, stadiums, and malls.  Strewn from one end to the other are wounded hearts who encountered preachers like me or members possibly like you.

We are guilty of injuring others along the way.  We should not pretend this hasn't/doesn't happen for it is simply a part of the process of learning the kingdom ropes. Those of us who profess to know Jesus never know him ideally for we are learners ourselves.  Mistakes frequently happen and we strive to give significant attention to our needed correction.

Those with broken faith are our friends, neighbors; even our relatives.

Julia Duin reported, Many of us dropouts tried to work behind the scenes to keep unity, but if we spoke out, we were in rebellion.  Many of us chose to leave rather than start wars.  For us, the good news is these casualties have hearts still ticking for God.  There is hope and we need to both know it and see it.

There are many of these walking wounded in our communities looking for a reason to believe in the church again, insists Brandon Hatmaker.

I have never been more enthused about Kingdom work!  Never!  I'm stunned, shocked, and wowed at the possibilities among us.  To live in denial of our flaws is a mistake because this awareness leads us to yet another grand ministry opportunity.

To improve matters which could/would/should include setting up a M.A.S.H. unit to heal the church wounded is merely another glorious possibility!!

To listen to the masses complain at the coffee shop about organized religion doesn't discourage me.  Some of what they say is true.  The good news is and the hope is that churches are changing, maturing, and improving. I deeply want to be a part of that approach.

Try not to dismiss negative things said about us by complainers as merely foolishness.  No, many times they are telling us the truth.  The fun thing for us is that God's Son will build a church to draw them in.  We want in on that move.

Reaching those of broken faith is an outstanding stride in the glory of the Jesus walk.

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