Friday, July 12, 2013


We have believing to do; effective, fruitful believing.

There seems to be a nebulosity about us.  While we feel committed to God and church, there seems to be a huge, gaping, vague pocket as to what we are to be to who it is we really are.  It is within this context that I offer a targeted hope that will give definition to our Christian walk.

The defining moment for true believers is found at the foot of the cross.  I speak not from churchiness; but from fulfilling purpose.  It appears that even vigorous church action, if it is a trek away from the cross and yet in assumed meaningful ministry, will offer eventual empty and unsatisfying distractions compared to the reality of carrying a personal cross.

Christianity has the most unique role upon earth.  No other entity equals it.  Yet, we who wear that brand have a tendency to basically neuter its purpose.  As a result we in general have become an anemic sort who are devoted to Bible study, spiritual development, and extensive servitude; yet without the one thing that both separates us from man-made religions and thrusts us into the soaring glory of the living God.

I speak of genuinely and authentically carrying our Cross daily as we follow him.  One cannot experience daily resurrection power (II Cor. 13:4) without daily death to ourselves (Lk. 9:23-24).  The cross gives us meaning and the resurrection gives us hope.  When you put real meaning with anticipatory hope you have a person who lives pumped about life.

Christianity is not a social organization as the Red Cross.  Neither is it a religious hoop like Buddhism.  It possesses a singularly unique element.  Its followers believe that they are to die for their enemies that both the enemies and themselves will come out of it alive!

We are wasting good boys and girls who become even better men and women by grooming them to serve where they prefer and give what they can coupled with respectable church attendance.  Our young are dull as well as bored because, while they may not realize it, they have been created for something far more than living.  They/we have been called by the Living God for dying.

Why Christianity?  It is the only system on earth which packages life via the tunnel of death.  If a baby refused to leave the womb it would live a most sheltered un-life while living...for awhile...and then it would die from refusal to risk exiting.  We must leave the womb of the safe and keep-us-happy church.

Why Christianity?  It is the road to True Life.  Only God would come up with a living scheme that insists one can only find something by losing it first.

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