Wednesday, July 10, 2013


The Christian Chronicle gave recent coverage to the topic of church vs. sports. Polar opinions were expressed; all in good conscience.  When I had three teens, I lived in such questioning moments.

As is typical church, we tend to offer typical answers.  Never skip church.  This causes doubt.  Etc.

Of course I would have an additional slant.

I wish our parents would train their children to see these as honest and prime times to be good examples by professing their faith.  I'm not merely talking about good behavior. I mean intentionally playing the game to develop relationships; to connect with those families who have no God nor church nor faith.

Missing church isn't the main issue as much as missing the opportunity is.  Since and when our kids/families are in such gatherings, please intentionally use these times to sow seed for the kingdom.  With a Bible tucked under your arm and a verse prepared to quote?  No.

With invitations to go out to eat?  With invitations to church next Sunday...or some Sunday?  Of course.

Jerry and Sherian Myers were members of Memorial for years?  Their son Mitch played sports with my kids.  Sherian was baptized.  Mitch was baptized.  It all began because our kids were at ballgames and we were there, too.  What was my approach?  Would you like to know the secret?

We intentionally sat by them.

That's all.

Each of the comments in the Christian Chronicle carried weight in some area.  Joshua Tucker's, though, had a power too easily missed by the church in general.  Sports and other activities can be a great way to be the light of Christ, but many Christians seem to just approach it as general family time or extreme competition time.  Church attendance isn't the biggest deal to me personally, but if people are already pretty unfocused spiritually, regularly missing the assembly sure doesn't help.

Should kids play sports?  Should moms get their hair done?  Should men go to Lowes?  I say yes to all three.  And as we go, we should watch for those holy moments to sense when planting the seed of the Kingdom might just be a very good and needed and productive move.

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