Thursday, June 13, 2013


Lost.  What an offensive church word that easily slips from our tongues as if we just placed and order for extra fries.  Yet, we are referencing valuable and important people.  And yes, without Jesus they are lost.

I was once lost; but now I am found.  My wife?  The same.  So when I speak of the Lost I speak with reverential experience.  It is a most intriguing base from which to try to walk life.

Here is what I would want you to know about every person in the world who does not know God.  Somewhere along the way (and I believe many times along that way) they each wonder about God, His way, and His truth.  Few know how to seek.  It is important that you get that.  Few know how to seek God.

I was one of those. 

Raised in a farming community, my brother and I would traipse across our town of 2100 to a little Presbyterian church in hopes of finding Kool-Aid and cookies at the end of a most boring kids' class taught by a sweet old lady in her late 30s who only taught the class because all of the other members were much older.

When I went off to college I would dabble in church attendance; nothing serious.  Even in my seeking, I meant nothing by it.  My roommate and I would visit all kinds of styles and approaches to God.  We liked and disliked all of them.  We were looking.  But, neither had a clue as to what we were looking for (poor grammar, but accurate concept).

Eventually I found Him.  I'm not ashamed to say at this late stage in life I am still finding Him.

What I would want you to know is that every person you encounter, regardless of circumstance, has been/is/or will be looking for God.  Every person.

This is how we win souls to Jesus.  It begins by believing we know something about the lost they themselves may not know.  They would like to know God; but don't know how to find Him.

Never look at one relative, neighbor, friend, or enemy without remembering there is a present or eventual hunger in the soul searching diligently for the Risen Treasure. 

Be sure to plant good seed as you pass by.  If you can't think of a way to plant at the moment, at least water the seed others planted a few days back or even years ago.

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