Sunday, June 16, 2013


Church can be a tangled web of woven threads; a little Bible, a little personal preference, a little duty, and a bit of an ego.  The result is a people scattered in focus and ill-suited for the Kingdom task at hand.  I know this because I am this.

We are problematic because we struggle to let the main thing be the main thing.  To love God is the first and foremost commandment.  This seems to be a significant issue because it too easily goes ignored.  We tend to look for what is in it for us and/or what is our assignment.  After all, we want this sacrifice to be involved in church to mean something.

Love.  Love is cheapened because we have taken agape which never loses sight of the value of anything and exchanged it for eros which loves only as long as the item is lovely.  Agape is committed and eros is erratic.

We are to love God; not as a rule or as an order.  We are to love Him because we adore Him and treasure Him and admire Him and are crazy about Him.  We love God because we simply love God.

How does that go?  What does it look like to love God?

For one, we think about Him.  We talk to Him as He lives.  We listen to Him because He is a living God; not a dead one.  Christians have mocked other religions who have dead gods and then treated our own as if He is mute; cannot speak, cannot interact.

Secondly, we believe He is wiser and more intelligent than our imaginations can perceive.  So, we imagine at our highest believing God to be even higher. 

We love God because we simply treasure the superb richness and grandeur about Him.  We marvel.  We thank.  We watch.  Our God is greater and higher than any other or any thing....ever!

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