Friday, April 12, 2013


I referenced in yesterday's post at the beginning of God speaking to me as I awakened.  It happened again today.  And in the process I finally realized what to call such moments with God.  He whispers.

There are no audible or recordable words.  He is ever so gentle.  And just as many would recognize the fascinating theme of the television show, The Horse Whisperer, I believe we are to walk in full relationship with God as we are called by the Word to speak to Him and Him to us.

When The Man Whisperer speaks, He gives us thoughts that we did not conclude by flesh and blood.  Mt. 10:27 urges boldness in disciples that what you hear whispered in your ear, proclaim upon the housetops. 

So, I share with you what He whispered this morning.  It is of supreme importance; There is a cure for what ails the church. 

The following is the basics of what He whispered: 

The church is plagued by an assortment of sins.  What ails the church is we have leaders like me and followers who are genuine-hearted who do not see ourselves as wretched.  The church ails in lethargy of feeling-good-by-comparison-to-others and the cure is for all to return to original awareness that we are individually a desperately wretched people.

When we return to this brokenness, thanksgiving and gratitude erupt.  Judgment diminishes.  Society is a huge train-wreck as neighbor accuses neighbor; as do spouse and spouse.  Sickness plagues.  The healing cure is for each to enter every conversation with clear awareness of personal wretchedness.

That is a rock-solid message from God as He whispers to each of us in His way.  We will find the cure for all dis-ease if we will submit to the truth that each of us is a catastrophe in action if it weren't for the righteous dynamic of our brother and savior, Jesus.

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