Sunday, March 24, 2013


Something went on at the workshop this year.  It wasn't just Beam or Rush or Harris or Chan or McLaughlin or Atchley, etc. 

It was the Spirit of God.

Here's what I know. 

Due to the Resurrection Power we possess, Life is always near.  It came from the wings this year.  The crowds were not impressed with the messenger, nor the messages, as much as with the Message Sender.

We got the Message Sender's message which came through His messengers!

From a personal perspective, it is so strange to walk through this Wonderful Maze of a workshop.  I heard lavish comments of praise and really dumb complaints.  I will focus upon the wonder of God....which is abundant for any who would like to behold.

I am most moved by those who attend.  I sense rich hearts; hungry ones.  I sense determination and life and hope.

We have much work to do.  We have much faith and mercy and compassion to do.  Many corrections to make.  Wonderful opportunities to note. And, an awesome work of God to anticipate.

The overall theme seemed to be that we get over ourselves and grow up.  Get out of the way.  Expect God.

Why do I believe it was historical?  By the grace of God, He seemed clear in His message that He isn't done with us yet.  Our focus is to continually develop in the nature of Jesus.  We hunger for Him.

Thanks to all who made this a most amazing year for the Tulsa Workshop.

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