Monday, March 04, 2013


I am learning from God a most valuable and greatly needed (in my life) lesson.  God has us covered.

From one Monday to the next to the next, disruption and interference both disrupt and interfere.  Living seems to be plagued by traps of ruin and ultimate death. 

But that thing Jesus did---or Father did with Jesus---of coming up out of that tomb set a new standard for any who would choose to believe it.  Resurrection isn't a holiday to celebrate; it is a new sort of system to absorb.

Christians possess resurrection power.

This means something.

We are no longer stumped by the words tumor, divorce, failure, depression or I have some really bad news.

Good news is eternal and it began for us when Jesus was no longer restricted to the cold grave.  We are not limited by any earthly malfunction or travesty.  We live alive from any tomb imposed upon us. 

Sure.  We may not understand the scenarios we face nor know the answers we need; but we can be assured of one major truth; since Jesus was raised from the dead, he did so that we might live by that new standard....Romans 4:17ff.

This means for each of us that regardless of circumstances, everything is okay.

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