Wednesday, February 06, 2013


We have no room to be smug, judgmental, nor can we flex superiority muscles in our push toward learning of the kingdom of God.  No room.  Yet, these three traits have dominated many of us in many denominations to the point unbelieving communities hunker down in continued unbelief. 

We must break this mold.  The problem is...we are the mold.

It is true.  The Bible is the inspired Word of God.  It is not true that we have extracted all truth and have the holy assignment of God to dispense morsels of it in Church of Christ buildings. 

Fundamentalists of all stripes, including us, have wielded the Bible as if it is a sword to slice and dice; not a scalpel to do open heart surgery.  The Word of God is more powerful than we will ever come to know.  It has secrets embedded within which will set those shackled within the deepest prisons free.

We must learn more of Truth.  When we do we will not find ourselves exhausting the extraction of scriptural information to the point we know it all.  Rather we will find we have plunged into a pool of holy calling which will freak out the imagination of even the highest thinkers.

A problem with learning is it tends to shatter the falsehoods we build as faithfully accurate.  Learning is a wrecking ball to traditional religion; a religion which survives only because people like us refuse to....learn.

In one way it is true, the more we learn the more we know.  Of course this is accurate.  Yet, in the scheme of God being eternally large we find that the more we gather regarding His Truth, the more Truth multiplies as to what there is available to know.  From that factor, the more we learn the less we know.

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