Friday, February 08, 2013


True religion is an awesome thing.  What moments I might find myself in its fullness, it surely is the experiencing of the glory of God.  I would assume, too, that there are those many and other moments when I am not eating from the buffet of true religion; but rather an imitation.

Scripture is not the final thing.  For years, in the church, I assumed it was; I pushed it as so.  Yet, Jesus said he was the final thing as scripture speaks supportively.

Francis Schaeffer says, The Bible, the historic Creeds and orthodoxy are important because God is there, and, finally, that is the only reason they have their importance.

Those of us groomed beneath the legal religious umbrella understand the importance of the Bible.  There is no need to back off of its fascinating revelation.  However, the search of many has stopped at knowing the Bible before our trek arrived at God himself.

This would have impact on how we can have so many claiming to be religious while voices of discontent about us and among us seem to rise.  We have taken the best revelation in all of history and short-sheeted it by failing to move into the Presence of the One who gave us the Scriptures in the first place.

Scripture is not for us to merely memorize and then recite.  It is for us to know God. 

May it be so.

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Joanna Baker said...

Oh Wow!! God is speaking. This is exactly what I was talking about this week. We need to be in His presence.