Wednesday, February 13, 2013


We aren't God.  Yet, He insists upon a working partnership.

God is not to be calculated by the fleshly mind for our evaluation procedures are far too handicapped.

God is to be known by us; even through our restricted thinking processes.

He sent us a Christmas card with note attached; that would be Jesus as God with us from squalling cradle to tight-lipped-when-accused, mature, hung out for all to mock. 

Jesus is our interpreter.

He is the one who displays both God and Word.  The Word became flesh.  The Word had been with God.

Man's most wonderful mountain to climb is that of engaging in the Jesus trek.  Study him.  Look at him.  Watch him move about.  Everything he does is what God would him and in us.

True life is not the champions crowned at heaven's Bible Bowl.  No.  True life comes about on a graduated basis of how much of Jesus' character we dare allow to become a most natural part of our disposition.  The spirit is willing.  It will be the flesh that hesitates.

A thing about God that seems forever true is that, in our search, the more we grow to understand Him the more immeasurable we discover Him.  Good for God...and for us.


Anonymous said...

You're an encouragement!


Trish said...

So true!! So many things would seem impossible, but with God they are not only possible....probable.

Thank you for all you do for us...keeping us focused on the unseen.