Thursday, December 13, 2012


When the eyes of Adam and Eve were opened, depression broke loose to the extent both ran to hide.  They were immediately fitted with goggles which allowed them to see into a perspective God had not intended.  Havoc of the mind was unleashed.

Ever since, mankind has suffered multiple atrocities due to the wearing of Garden Goggles which were not intended by God to be a part of our attire.  Strong cataracts form from these lenses which distort personal vision of self; usually in the negative.

This is the secret we need to continue to learn about every person we know.  Unless really, really, really, bent on seeing with the eyes of Jesus, we are engaging with family and friends who suffer from wearing Garden Goggles.  We see the negative about ourselves when the negative isn't really there.

This blurred vision plays perfectly into Satan's intent.  Bring mankind down by causing them to become distracted via their flaws.

When we look in the mirror--whether physically, emotionally, or spiritually--the first thing most do is to reach for the Garden Goggles to take a gander.  And what is seen?

The beautiful don't see beauty; but they see a small blemish magnified.  The personalities don't see outgoing personality; but they see profound inadequacy.  The sensitive don't see their valuable tenderness; but they see insecurity and goofiness.

When Adam and Eve's eyes were opened in the Garden of Eden they set blindness into motion for all mankind....and we still suffer the consequences.

Therefore, I urge you to open the eyes of your heart that you may know what are the hopes and the riches and the power for you and me according to the strength of His might...Eph. 1:18-19.

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Anonymous said...

So good and so true. Thank you!