Tuesday, December 04, 2012


Whatever is said about God should be in the form of credit, praise, and complete awe!

It took me too long to begin to build a relationship with Him for I was focused on doing everything right.  Odd, isn't it, when the biblical message is that Jesus will make us right because we can't get there on our own?

Our present culture is loaded multi-faceted fascinations.  These could be used by dark forces to distract us from giving attention to God.  Diligence must be given to seek Him continually.

In the old days---meaning in my younger years---when I was not serious about God or faith or church, I didn't understand the deep desire of God for us to lean upon Him.  My oblivion regarded church the same as local cafes; find the one with the best menu to your liking.  I had no drive to  search for a faith and what little effort that came from me had very little to do with giving God attention.

And then, when I later became really interested in Him, my main understanding was to not go to hell.  Salvation was presented in such a way that warning of eternal damnation was issued as stern threat. 

Heaven, on the other hand, was mainly a gray fog or mist where we would sit around without bodies and floatatiously sing dull church songs for 10,000 years.  In those days I gave attention to thoughts of heaven merely as the hell-escape.

Of course, being a people-person, I quickly caught on to Church of Christ-ness as I so immediately enjoyed meeting new folks.  Strangers were not a test for me.  I liked 'em.

But God still was not in the picture other than hoping to keep Him happy. 

One reason I learned to adjust my God concept was to gradually learn to watch Jesus.  Oh, I'd memorized a couple of sayings---Jesus wept---I am the way, the truth, and the life---but I had not yet truly watched him move down crowded streets or deal with selfish disciples.

Jesus showed(s) me God.

He showed me that he was a plain man as I and that he had to receive the Spirit of God at baptism in order to be able to pull off the work Father intended.  Jesus showed me to follow suit.

God.  In time He seems to grow larger as we grow smaller. 

May we be a people adamant about giving Him outlandish praise.  He deserves this from us.  Forever.

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