Friday, September 21, 2012


Complication is a stressful matter.  It could be used to hone our skills.  Yet, too much of it can bury a person while he or she lives.  Repeated multiplication of complication chokes, smothers, suffocates and kills.

This why the clear call of Jesus when he levied that thieves come to steal and destroy while he arrives to offer abundant life; the letter kills but the Spirit gives life.

Life is God's goal for us.  Death is the Thief's concept.  Complication sets in when laws multiply.  In the medical arena it is said of one dying, Complications have set in.

There seems to be growing concern about America's government.  Reflection upon all parties is that a gigantic shift has taken place from simplicity to complication.  Regulations keep order for a good while.  Yet, when these begin to multiply, the opposite gradually moves in; congestive disorder.

If not given honest care, the multiplication complication of government will choke, smother, suffocate, and eventually kill a once young and vibrant nation.

So it is in the church.  From Bible versions, to women's dress code, to whether hands can clap, to legalizing opening and closing prayers, the church took on the multiplication complication long before America existed as nation.  The MC factor was alive in Jesus day and he died to get us out of it.

We have much growing to do.  I'm excited to be in the loop on such a direction.  We must be aware that it is too easy to slip into a regulatory atmosphere that becomes dependent upon what we allow and don't over the breath-taking awareness of a Holy and Living God abiding within each of us.

May the simplicity of Jesus renew every aspect of our existence.

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TerryC said...

Let's open our doors to the Living God an let Him correct and discipline. (Rev 3:19-20)