Friday, September 14, 2012


A moment set in time for every individual is that of our Earth Window.  We are born.  We live.  And, we die.  Within this frame, we take our Earth Tour only to fade out in order to phase in to the next Tour.

I recently spent hours visiting my mom in the nursing home.  Nothing sharpens the brevity of the Earth Window of time for me like the nursing home lens.  Dreary.  Sad.  Terribly depressing.

Yet, against this backdrop of dim lighting, strewn wheel chairs with bibbed patrons, plus the disruptive noise of TVs booming from a couple of nearby rooms (and not on the same channel), there is comfort in knowing the One who declares that this is NOT THE END.

Earth Window is not all there is to life; it is simply a window of time.

This truth needs to awaken us to focus upon things during our Earth Window that matter. 

I encountered old friends throughout this facility.  One is one year older than me, partially paralyzed, and stuck within a few square feet for the duration of her Earth Window.  And I want to complain about how long it takes to drive somewhere?

I greeted the town millionaire who owns a thriving production company with employees, trucks, vans, and buildings.  Today his Earth Window is restricted to where his newest set of wheels--a chair--will take him through a choice of three dimly lit hallways.

Yes, sitting in a nursing home for four days was a unique seminar held for one; me.  I must capitalize on my Earth Window.  At the same time I must remember it is merely a window and not the circumference of existence.  There is more to come.....much more.

The Earth Window is only a fraction of eternity.  May we live like it.


Anonymous said...

What a sober thought and thankful this not all there is!!


Vasca said...

My sweet mother, in the blink of an eye, was a person neither she or I knew. The remaining years of her life were spent as your mother is spending hers. Breaks one's heart...but that's the way many lives go!

Michael visited an acquaintance two days a nursing home. This gentle man is confined to a wheelchair. It was his 80th birthday and his son had brought two cakes. Other than his son and Michael? No one else came to the party...thankfully that isn't all there is!

TerryC said...

My son's Earth Window was shorter than mine - a consequence of life that saddens us within our own Earth Windows. I take comfort in the knowledge that in eternal time spans the difference in our Earth Windows will be hardly noticeable.