Monday, September 17, 2012


Day by day reports sting, press, and/or knock our socks off.  Communication is at a rate so fast if not careful it will actually pass at such speed that time might go backwards.  Well...not really...but a lot comes our way.

Living is a tedious matter.  We can become swallowed by its rigors or we can be buried into Life (Jesus' Life) and find ourselves consumed in either course.  We say the latter!

God is right.  We will either serve God or mammon.  Serve we will.  Shelter ourselves we won't. 

Life is one gigantic expenditure of the self.  The Jesus route is worthy.  The other lacks way too much.

Drop the shyness.  Release the protective gear.  Leap--be buried--into the Life of Christ.  Be absorbed by it and get lost in it.

There is nothing so demanding nor so rewarding. is the only one which satisfies the hungry soul famished for meaning of life.

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