Thursday, August 30, 2012


Two simple words will wreck a walk of mediocrity, spur a so-so church, and draw anyone into the magic and unexplainable kingdom of God.  These two words?  Thank and you.

Thank you could be regarded from the flesh as simply an appropriate courtesy.  Thank you for my gift.  Thank you for taking out the trash.  Thank you for responding to my inquiry.

However, from the Spirit engagement these two words phrase the conviction of faith.  When this expression comes ahead of the desired outcome (before such really happens), Thank you is a prophetic matter.

When I was looking for a new house sixteen months ago, I would regularly thank God for finding that just right one.  Before I ever moved toward a car lot, I thanked God in prayer for leading me to His choice.  Yes, I think God is interested in birds of the air, hairs on our head, stars in the sky and houses and cars from which we operate.

Thank you is surely appropriate for all to express upon receipt of a blessing.  It also speaks a vision for what can be when isn't yet. 

Two houses stand empty within a half of a block from my new home.  I have thanked Him for over a year (twice a day every day) for those moving my direction. 

If you want to see your world physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually improved, try telling God Thank you before the fact as if you really believe Him.

Your world will change.

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