Saturday, August 11, 2012


You know what makes an effective disciple.  Right?  It has nothing to do with us beyond being available.

I don't blame us for being hesitant; yet I feel fairly certain we have either misread scriptures or misapplied them...or both.

Look at the faith moves of Abraham. 

Consider the steadfastness of Joshua.

Review the courage of young David.

Ponder the endurance of Hannah.

Read of Peter's opening act and Paul's remarkable trek.

If not careful, we will let the Word of God talk us out of the very thing intended to lift us into.  These and assorted other Bible heroes aren't heroes because of themselves; not one of them.  Each is referenced because of their clear-headed, firm-hearted assurance of God and His talent.

These weren't amazing because the have something we don't.  That's Bible's point.  These were awesome because their God is awesome.  They simply leaned on Him.

The church just must apply herself to the paths of opportunity in a fashion which will not measure our talent against the need; but rather will view God's rich power against the strain of cultural lack.

He can.  He will.  He does.

Ours is the job to believe Him....John 6:29.

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