Monday, June 04, 2012


Be encouraged!

Christianity is far from boring!

The younger generation is pulling away from us in places.  Some of them say it is because we are boring.

Maybe we are.

Maybe we should revisit the Word.  Maybe we should trim up our prayer life; our confidence factor in His Spirit.  Possibly we might perpetuate the move among us to get to see God's hand among our ministries.

All I can say is that as a kid I wanted nothing to do with churches when I got older because of one thing; superficially boring.

What has changed my perspective?

God.  God at work.  God who loves to work.  God who does work. 

He makes something out of nothing.  He can cause dead efforts and ministries--and ministers-- to come alive! 

God is not boring.  His kingdom is anything but boring.  Possibly inviting friends to church is only part of the outreach. Perhaps we could take the church to the community with our fascinating testimonies and service which would awaken good hearts.  These might even decide to follow Jesus after all. 

Just a thought.

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