Monday, May 28, 2012


The American church is long on activity and short on love for God.  Even much of our past evangelistic clarions have called for preparation to go to heaven; not to dwell upon knowing God. 

Thus, herds gather to do church stuff in church stuff ways with that inner yearn that our names be among those drawn from Father's hat at the Judgment.

Are we a people whose lips flow with public thankfulness and gratitude throughout our business days?  Or are we, in general, more apt to faithfully assemble offering our stamp of approval at the end of services? 

Strange isn't it that the greatest commandment of loving God--along with the second--are met with basic yawn for want of hearing what's working among us and how we can go do it in a way that generates creative interest.

Michael Molinos charged, Experience has shown that many believers, even after fifty years of this external exercise, are void of God.  They are also full of themselves, having nothing of the true spiritual man except the name. 

Our timid voices in song and our sterile body language during worship and praise--myself very much included--begs for thought to be given as to how we become a people intensely saturated with the love of God. 

Such sacrifices of public praise designed to give vibrant honor to Him will leave us blessed while expanding a contagion within our needy communities.

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