Saturday, March 03, 2012


Where tomorrow appeared to be a very big day as the Cardinal broadcaster was to be with us, things have drastically changed. Dan McLaughlin is very ill and was forced to postpone his trip from St. Louis to Tulsa.

So I discover today that I am tomorrow's fill-in.

What a great opportunity.

Hmmm. What shall I say to several guests who didn't get the word of Dan's illness? How are we to approach this day intended to bring great joy to hundreds?

We don't flinch. We move full steam ahead with plans to bring great joy to hundreds.

If you were faced with preaching to a disappointed group, what would be your topic? Mine will be How to Handle Disappointment....a most perfect theme. They will get it immediately!

I'm sorely disappointed Dan will not be with us and our many guests will miss him. We are working on rescheduling.

For now....I look forward to seeing what God will do with this for He has a history of not wasting one crumb. will be a day very on target. That will be our plan. That's what we do when the fun stuff doesn't work out. We look for His movement from a different perspective.


Lynn D in NJ said...

What a wonderful attitude. Praying God will work in the hearts and minds of all who attend tomorrow!

Unknown said...

I don't view them as a pat answer as "God planned this" but I think that God will definitely work mightily through this.

Maybe the Spirit will be sending someone who was not needing to hear Dan's message, but what He is giving you to speak.

Disappointment comes to us all. One that comes to mind is Joseph (of the OT). Imagine after interpreting the dream of the Cupbearer and Baker, then being left in prison. I can only imagine the days that immediately followed their release. Possibly like the child who looked for the parent to come back home, but never did. They were left with, either, the other spouse or grandparents to raise.

Disappointment...will be big for Him in your message!