Monday, March 12, 2012


We don't speak in tongues. There are those who do and I don't judge them. But for us, we don't.

And why?

We rehearsed repeatedly through the years how speaking in tongues has ceased. I for one believe that is true.

However, in working at this battle we have lost major territory. Too many of our people--in general--don't use their tongues to speak. I see two glaring traits among us: (1) our people speak to those they know and struggle with using their tongue to speak to a stranger (in the church), and (2) fundamentally our tongues have gone mute when reaching to the unchurched.

So while we are a clan that basically doesn't speak in tongues we are also fail to speak in any tongue at all.

If we are going to be serious about the kingdom of God and being like the original church, we must perpetually groom, train, and work on speaking in the one tongue we for God and others.

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