Wednesday, March 07, 2012


One of the more major transformations I have experienced over the years is to work from seedling packets rather than pseudo-admirable plans. Seed sowing is all over the kingdom of God.

Few of us can start with a congregation ideally poised for immediate productivity. All of us, however, can vouch for days (and nights) of mental labor due to worry and fret that we can't seem to get things moving.

Everything large begins with an extremely minute and even invisible element called an idea. An idea is how small seed for harvest actually begins. Today jets criss-cross the skies because Orville and Wilbur had a seed thought of an idea. I wonder whose it was to have the idea to give them the idea.

My word to you is plant, plant, plant.

I plant ideas...what I call seeds of the kingdom. I plant ideas of potential in some who feel beaten, of drawing to God in those who reject Him, and of hope in those who think they drew the short straw.

I have written twelve books. Not one of them came into existence without the seed idea first. The cars we drive? One's idea. Which car we purchased? It all began with an idea.

Watch what you think. It may be a kingdom seed idea that will revolutionize some significant form of ministry. No idea is too small. Everything in existence began with a seed idea.

Plant, plant, plant.

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