Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Discipline is training to move about in a direction that hasn't been the norm. Discipline insists on adjustment. It often involves redirection. Old habits are hard to break. You can't teach an old dog new tricks seems wiser the older the dog.

To me, the kingdom of God is robust with present experience as well as intended potential. What, other than God's realm, would be more meaningful? He is our purpose.

So don't be discouraged when you discover repeated days of heavy lifting. It was our Brother who could not carry the weight of his own cross for he had been beaten so severely. Severity, whether we want it, is a part of the marriage contract with our Jesus.

We will not run. Instead, we will learn.

We will not complain. Instead, we will praise.

We will not hide. Instead, we will speak up.

We will not fight the system. Instead, we will volunteer to die that others may find life.

God's church is not for sissies. For every comment we could offer as to our personal mistreatment is surely our true testimony of being intimately connected to the Jesus nature.

Whether frustration, tears, or sleepless nights, do not disregard the value of things going wrong where you live. These are the very fiber of an authentic disciple.

In these situations are our tests as to whether, even here, we believe God and His resurrection power.

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Anonymous said...

"He is our purpose". Yes He is! Not us! Thank you for the encouragement!