Tuesday, January 03, 2012


Faith sees what isn't.....yet. Romans 4:17 and Ephesians 1:18 are two of my favorite verses to nudge believers to live with their heart eyes wide opened.

So, what do seeing (into the invisibles) eyes do? Being rather small in kingdom dimension, surely I would know only a speck of Truth. Yet, what I do know makes for a good life experience.

Faith eyes see potential when flesh eyes are clueless. Faith eyes believe in people and circumstances when head eyes didn't note a possibility.

For me, I sow seed. I plant crops all over the world and all over the centuries. I have farms coming up that will not be around until I have passed for I pray for some not yet born to have major impact for God.

I sow seed by prayer. Bill Mauer will most likely be clueless when he becomes a believer that I even exist. But I've been there fighting for him in prayer.

I sow seed by phone calls, notes, and simple interaction. Last week I emailed a present-day major leaguer whom I have not had contact with for about two years. My message was that, whenever his young family hits a crisis or trauma, he is welcome to seek my team for prayers for his family. His positive response came immediately.

The church is dull when it operates only in reaction. When the flesh eyes can't see past the seeable, kingdom potential is short-sheeted.

I say that we should do what we can to praise, glorify, and thank God for things to come which have yet to give us any indication such is even possible. In other words....believe and dream past the visible.

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