Tuesday, November 15, 2011


The Word says we are new every day. It also calls us to renew our minds; not to be conformed but transformed. Hardly a day dawns but what it does not fail to present opportunity to grow and mature.

This is just too exciting. We are on an adventure on the scale of God.

We teach our children God-story after God-story. Why would we clear our throats with a different version of life once we surpass both five feet tall and one hundred pounds? I think God anticipates that our thrill over Him will increase; not decline.

My inadequacies disappoint me. I am now 64 years old. I have kingdom experience under my belt. Yet in meeting after meeting I misspeak and misrepresent and mislabel and misjudge. Will it ever quit? Will I ever reach a better standard?

Due to my hunger, I love to continue to learn. So much I don't know. So much I have never given a thought.

The world populace grows bigger. The need for Jesus is staggering. The hope of God's love within and among us is impressive.

Day by day I am impressed by the hard-core devotion by so many toward Jesus and his cause. We, as a body, are not moody about it. Yes, we misfire and often mistake. But we have reason to hold our heads up high and hope for yet another and better day.

May we learn from our bummer moves which would give us reason to bemoan our own inabilities. Rather may these be our power-lessons which would thrust us into the "new me" we have long anticipated.

Go us!

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