Thursday, November 17, 2011


The Wall Street Occupiers movement has spread across our land. From coast to coast, reporting flows of protests by Occupiers and their clashes with authorities.

I can't quite get what it is that is being protested? I really might be way off base, but it seems to me these pools gather those who evidently don't have jobs....or money. Am I missing a bigger point? Surely.

My larger frustration is with the media. Why show these scenes? Would such have lasted two months if given no publicity? Isn't publicity their goal...and their basic fuel?

Years ago Memorial had a set of elders that made a major and positive difference for this church. It continues to this day. They quit giving attention to the protesters who occupied the pews. When ears went deaf to Occupiers who were weak on jobs and long on both opinionation as well as demandination, the protests evaporated...quickly and permanently.

Major League Baseball has a similar rule. When a fan jumps the stands and races across the diamond, the television cameras are instructed to momentarily view elsewhere. They will not show the interruption nor the interupter. The result? Very few streakers.

The solution for Wall Street Occupiers is the same for Church Occupiers. The reign of ingratitude needs to fall. Thanksgiving needs to fill the veins of both. Gratitude for minuscule blessing and major ones shift focus from self-determination to a community partnership of wonder.

As our efforts increase in being occupied by the love of others per Jesus' example, the world will view the most necessary and meaningful protest; seeing that hope comes to all lonely hearts.


Unknown said...

I really appreciate your comments about not listening to troublemakers.
In my Bible reading yesterday, I came across this gem from Proverbs...
"Drive out a mocker, and conflict goes too; then quarreling and dishonor will cease." (Prov. 22:10)

Vasca said...

I agree 100%; one of our sons serves as an elder and their group has the same policy like your elders!

The Occupiers are given much too much publicity/coverage. They are obstacles to the people who are trying to get to and from their jobs; and those who want to work have difficulties.

The Occupiers need to fold their tents, gather their garbage and GET A LIFE!!! Hopefully the media will someday get the message and focus their hungry fans on other more worthwhile news/business.