Tuesday, November 08, 2011


Well-known for his doubting, Thomas is credited for touching the wounds of Jesus to verify the moment wasn't a dream. Jesus really was back!

The response Thomas received was unique and insightful. You believe because you see; blessed are those who believe when they cannot see.

Enter the factual and actual presence of the Holy Spirit.

He is easily dismissed as hodge-podge or hokey to the Thomas' of the present-day church. Foolishness. Silliness. Absurdity. Each call expressed in mockery of believers who dare think there something existing in the invisibles as well as active among us today.

If the church in general could use an infusion of sorts, it surely could use a high dose of Life! Precisely, such is the Holy Spirit duty. Jesus, in both flesh and Spirit, is all about abundant life!

Churches do not need to trade preachers, replace current elders, or revamp tired and worn ministries. They desperately and accurately need the Holy Spirit's engagement within all. Due to His presence, something special breaks out....like life from death's grave.

I know of nothing to beneficially reshape every congregation as that of the activity of the Holy Spirit of God within and among the members who claim to display His banner of love.

One is still blessed for believing the Holy Spirit that cannot be seen.

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