Thursday, November 03, 2011


Trends are fascinating. From transportation energy to computer gurus to the latest hairstyles, there seems to be an open market for the latest and greatest.

I find that one of the enduring truths taught me in preaching school was K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid). Simplicity is the Jesus style. If not careful, simplicity will be buried in this age known for technology.

Business knows of the Peter Principle where advancement can ultimately push one effective worker upward into a zone which is both foreign to his or her skills; and thus, ineffective in such a promotion.

Christians must be ever alert to the Martha Principle of being involved in an array of things to the extent little is accomplished.

The Martha Principle is rampant in the kingdom. I first began to see this when my three were in elementary school and I was away traveling the nation. I soon realized I must simplify my schedule. I could. I did. Oddly, it took a few defensive arguments with invitees to get to this productive juncture.

The tech world concerns me. Conversations at business breakfasts or family gatherings are often interrupted as cell phones ding-dong and the receiver is compelled to look and relook and look again at the next ding-dong. Public speakers are more likely to lose a portion of the audience due to their incessant need to text across the Atlantic or across the room.

America is addicted to distraction. ADD and ADHD are actually enhanced by so many Martha-wares on the market to keep the diseases going.

My word to many of you is to have the courage to say no to the drugs that dilute the thrill of living right now. The drugs of opportunities which would burden your calendar; let them go. The drugs of so many good things going which distract from the one thing necessary; let them go. The drugs of signing up to keep your image afloat; let them go. Go to rehab. Get well.

It is a strange set of plates the church needs to balance; those who won't help out with the work and then there are those who have their hands in so many things they contaminate a simple work. A few need to get up and get going while others really need to drop multi-commitments in order to do a few commitments well.

The old-fashioned ability to be a devoted and hard worker without feeling the pull to join the many grand schemes may, in fact, become a welcomed and new trend.

Simplicity is the ache of our hurried world. Bless your kids with it!

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