Sunday, October 09, 2011


Do you recall finally getting to go on a vacation when just a kid? Our family didn't get many vacations. When we did it was to relatives no more than 150 miles away. To distant travelers my treks wouldn't impress. But since I didn't know differently, these seldom jaunts were of the same appeal as those traveling to Paris or China.

I would be so excited I couldn't sleep. What would it be like? How much will I be able to take in? I wonder what my aunt will fix to eat? And...all the cousins....just too much to contain in a little boy's backwoods heart.

And then there's church! Today!

I can't wait!

What will there be to see? Who will be moved by His Presence? What will I learn at age 64 that I had never seen in the Word before?

I am wide-eyed for being a part of a great congregation is never taken for granted. It is too wonderful for the heart to take in!

It is a good have one!

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