Tuesday, October 25, 2011


God keeps blessing.

It seems that several factors continue to position us for God to bless our assemblies.

We are learning to love God from the heart instead of officially. There is a difference.

We still want to know what the Bible says. Surely we are stuck on some doctrinal claims as if the Word teaches it when it really doesn't. But even this has such a deep call to continue in search of the Scriptures.

Our confidence is in the Spirit and not in ourselves; a specific Word admonition.

One of our recent homeless visitors brought a homeless guest. Three homeless were sitting among us Sunday and I love it that we don't talk about the noble concept but actually get to receive the blessings of their presence.

God gave us one very special Sunday. The place was moved by His presence. I am privileged to watch such a scene. Our people are special as we watch for God to do things for us (and with us) we cannot design nor manipulate.

What is it about your place of service where you see Father pouring out His blessings due to His presence?

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