Saturday, September 24, 2011


Many serve God full-steam. From foreign missions to participating in bake sales at the community food bank, God's people are in it for the glory of Christ. The good news is that the percentage of those active in the church seems to be increasing. It really is beyond our imagination as to the kingdom seed being sown so well.

Days of our past was more of a check-list theology while in the holding pattern. By holding pattern I mean the members were on hold awaiting real life to begin when they would arise from the grave. While this is unspeakable as to a joyous event, these seemed to have traded life right now for a traditional five-steps-to-fit-within-our-three-times-a-week philosophy.

Abundant life as Jesus had promised? It wasn't for here and wow. It was for when we all go to heaven....later. Life would be much later.

But now.... But now it seems Jesus has increased his presence in our hearts and we are happily learning to experience the fruit of the Spirit as we walk. We are learning to celebrate and praise. To give God glory--to see His glory--is an entirely new world to me. It is a wow!

Those who insist upon living in the holding pattern are among us here and there. These are always the unhappiest around us. The cure for such ailment is not a better preacher, a better set of elders, better worship, or better acoustics. It is the simple truth that Jesus lives with us now.

Some suffer from ability to reference scripture without the faith to know Jesus personally. He addressed this dilemma in John 5:39-44.

May we see His kingdom flourish on it is in heaven.

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