Thursday, August 25, 2011


The church waters of advancement have long been poisoned. Consciously or un, the tendency is to stick with the time-tested formats known for their effectiveness. The trouble with this is that these seem so reasonable when, in reality, some have become long-standing traditions which hold us back from greater results.

All? No. Many. Worth considering.

Thinking outside of the box is joyous phraseology to the dreamer. The why is because if there is one thing God is good at it is His relentless talent of creativity. Born again ones are called and challenged to let creative juices flow for they are from God's cabinet of skill. Didn't He say that whatever we could imagine, He would trump it...Eph. 3:20-21?

Don't you love the David/Saul's armor story? The tried and proven was assumed by the lead guy as to be precisely what the rookie would need to do effective battle. Yet, God's wink gave the nod to youthful and very green David to face nuclear threatening Iran with a water pistol (so to speak). Who else but God coupled with a dreamer!?

The key issue is to remember that tradition festers boredom and boredom inhibits creativity. David's story illustrates how innovation may deliver us of giants. But take stock of your hang-ups! Many are more afraid of abandoning tradition than they are of fighting giants.
Calvin Miller

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