Tuesday, August 02, 2011


The experience is a daylight to dark difference in working in the church which partners with the Spirit of God. One system is to give God your best and the other is to avail Him your strengths and your weaknesses and watch Him provide. There is a chasmatic difference.

One is under our control. The other is God's. We choose.

John 3:8 speaks of those led by the Spirit; not the Spirit but those led by Him. Such a one shifts according to the wind. Have we not sort of made fun of those whom we deemed absent of rock solid stability in their direction?

True, we are clearly called to resist being carried about by every wind of doctrine. Wind of doctrine is not the wind of the Spirit. Ironically, we have too long avoided the doctrine of the Holy Spirit engagement at His pace and direction.

To work beside the Holy Spirit of God has its ambiguities. We yield control. This alone is both tough for us to do...and vital that we do it. When He operates in His leadership, our role is to believe with anticipation He is working; although we can't guess where or how at the moment. To any who doubt the Spirit, such a position is useless and will raise an immediate, But where are we going?

Where is the church going? It is going to find funds for ministries it did not know God had in the kingdom mix. It is going to discover new members coming out of the local community due to brokenness that the church missions team knew nothing about. It is going to win souls in 2015 due to seed sown by authors and workers in 1549.

I have lived both positions; my effort or believing He works. I'll take His produce over mine any day.

Just exactly where is the church going today? If connected to the Holy Spirit of God, we are headed into more impossible-become-possible testimonies of the multi-faceted works of God.


Brian's Bibilcial Minute said...

A generous helping of profound clarity of God's wonder working power through His Spirit.

A Church without the Spirit is like riding a bike with no handle bars to guide it.

Thanks, Terry!

DouglasRYoung said...

Great thoughts. I also love the Willimon quote on the sidebar of your blog!