Tuesday, June 28, 2011


While I have already written a blog for today's group, I toss this one out to preachers because you are continually on my heart.

I know discouragement.  I know encouragement.  Both are necessarily signficicant in the grand scheme of Jesus-ness.  So allow me to give you a bit of elderly advice.  Keep growing forward.

From experience, I believe the biggest problem among us is the man in the pulpit.  It is us, guys!  And when we get a glimpse of who we really are and how very lacking we really are, at that moment we begin to become the biggest solution in the brotherhood.

It isn't that the church doesn't want to grow.  It is in need of someone like us to help them endure our uglies that we might latch onto His beauties.  We can do it because He has done it for us.

I know your ache.  It is severe; at times hardly bearable.  But ache and injury should be viewed as God's discipline for each of us to grow on.  We are not going to get our way with many of our "brilliant ideas" for a reason; God is growing us into a better/maturer world of service. 

It is essential that we struggle; that we not get our way.  Ministry isn't easy.  It is fun and delightful and brutal.  Isn't that what we signed up for?  Meaningful life following the Son? 

So don't give up.  Don't get down on the church for they are merely mocking our attitudes.  Scowl at them and they cannot help but scowl back.  Build them up in the faith and they will walk faithful steps.  Admittedly the church is tough terrain. 

We are robbing Satan one trophy (soul) at a time.  Therefore you have a huge target on your heart.  Stick it out.  Don't quit. 

When you think you can't take it anymore, think again.  You can.  And....you will.  We will together.  Agreed?


Greg England said...

I recently read the book, Unbroken. Talk about a cure for discouragement ... or at least a perspective. After reading that book, I decided there was very little in my life to discourage me. If Louis Zamperini can survive what he endured, I can survive what life throws my way.

Stoned-Campbell Disciple said...

Thanks for always lifting us up Terry. May the Lord bless you and keep you.

Ted Kersh said...

Great words my brother.