Friday, June 24, 2011


Dear Child,

As your mother I want you to know that I am very proud of you.  I want to tell you about the workings of father.  He lives here in the house with us.  You are free to ask him questions; but he will not respond directly.  He has left a series of love letters on your night stand.  Skim over those in search of the answers you need....and do know he doesn't mind if you ask him...but he has already written down everything you will ever need to know.

Don't let this confuse you.  It isn't that your father isn't interested.  He has simply finished his work.  We are on our own now.  Yes, he is here but our relationship with him is in reading the instructions he left on the nightstand. 

Should you need his wisdom you are free to ask for it.  Just remember the answers are on the night stand.  His works have ceased.  Your father will no longer respond directly.  Any who believe that they have a direct relationship with their fathers are liberals who live on a slippery slope of error and....well, we all know it's just wrong.  Our family doesn't believe in father-child interaction. 

If your friends say they have a closer relationship with their fathers, you just hold your ground.  You have letters on your night stand.  These guide us now.  We don't need more emotionalism and a childish imagination.  We have those letters.  Once he completed his work on those letters that's all we will ever need. 

When you don't know what to do with your life or when you hit a wind of controversy, read the letters on the night stand.  Your father left them for you.  He will not address you any other way for those days have ceased.  He is done communicating.....he loves you but left the letters for you to figure the tough stuff out.   

Good luck,

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