Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Someone said that if Satan can't bury you in discouragement he will distract you from God with your success....something like that.

Life is a challenge, is it not?  A thing that concerns me about people is so many appear to be dead while they live.  These are just getting by.  It isn't a faith which moves them day by day; but rather a mere existence to just make it another 24 hours.

Here are some ideas which strangle life from us:
  • Uncontrollable spending
  • Hurried calendars
  • Multiple tools of communication available
  • Self-pity
Here are counter ideas for life:
  • Build a speaking-term relationship with God
  • Know Jesus
  • Believe the Holy Spirit operates directly in us
  • Grow in giving
  • Strengthen prayer time
From dealing with literally thousands over the years I make this stark observation; far too many people are too lazy and too undisciplined to really live.  My word for any who struggle....take the time to live; really live.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the insight, as always.
Can you expound on the idea of most people being too lazy or undiscipled in this context? Does that play itself out in that they're too undisciplined to build that speaking-term relationship with God, etc? Or maybe to not do things like overspend?
Been really convicted even more so lately on this general topic as I read books like Piper's "Don't Waste Your Life", or Platt's "Radical". They speak to some of those same ideas.