Sunday, May 29, 2011


Egocentricity abounds among us and within us.  We are most oblivious to our own guilt.  Our world thrives on rights and boundaries and legalities and power.  We barely notice our shortness of patience and understanding with one another or with complete strangers.  It is as if mankind is on the prowl to find offense in order to have opportunity to Barney Fife them.

Due to Adam and Eve's legacy, we are caught in a scenario which constantly blames and perpetually hides behind explanatory words.  It wasn't me.  It was the neighbor.  I didn't cause it.  She did.  Don't look at me.  I told him this would happen.

When God calls us to humility I have begun to believe it is in a lower case than once assumed.  I am an egomaniac. 

We hear steady reports that America is arrogant.  We arrogantly deny the charge.  America is arrogant.  So is Cuba...and Mexico....and....  Arrogance doesn't come about because of a nationality; but rather due to being a person from the lineage of Adam and Eve.

Thus, we must take our conversion in Jesus deeper than pointing to a baptism date.  We are to take on the very robes of humility he laid down at the cross.  We are to die to ourselves that others might live.  To live to ourselves and for ourselves is an unacceptable norm. 

May we labor in the truth that others are healed when we are wounded; that others have the hope of living when we submit to dying. an acceptable norm.

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