Wednesday, December 22, 2010


First, I want you to know I feel wonderfully weird in writing you through this blog.  I mean by that that I don't have a series of anything lined out to write about.  I just keep getting these impulses (that's all I know to say) of things I think might interest you.

So here's a weird one. 

Today I've been going through my routine of a very non-routine ministry.  I love the ins and outs, ups and downs (well, maybe not the downs...yet even they are kingdom useful) of working in a zone on earth I would at one time have never believed to be remotely a part of my life.  Now it is 24/7....and I am nuts about it!

It occurred to me this afternoon that we are so removed from the true scope of our work that we cannot declare what is working for us nor why.  God is in charge of these facts; these truths.

For example, of the many wonders I've encountered today, did they happen because I prayed this morning...or yesterday morning...or fifteen years ago and God is just now developing it?  Or, are our wonderful experiences happening because an inmate off in some forgotten prison hole two centuries ago devoted herself to prayer to the extent I was blessed today...and neither of us (she nor me) know of the connection?  Only God.

And what victories (ups) or defeats (downs) that happen to you tomorrow are not specially designed for one to be blessed in Singapore in 2075 who, at present, has not yet been born?

Who can wonder if a prayer by George Mueller decades back just came to fruition in Portland, Oregon this morning?  We can't fathom.  God runs the show.

My point?  Don't question your life---good or bad, favorable or non---but believe God is continually knitting away at His table making sense of the Larger Life which seems blurred to us right now.  We live a robust life of miracle after miracle....but some in our heritage robbed us by the abortion of our faith before it developed.  Shame on them.  But even that move can prove to be a cause of grandeur for God is the One leading...and funding...the parade.

Be blessed....from a thousand different moves that none of us would have ever guessed!  There is more going on with us than we can perceive....and it was God who said He would do more than we could imagine or think.  We may not be able to imagine it.  We may not be able to think about it.  But...we can believe it.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Terry, what a great thought...and one that the Spirit has planted in me over the last few years too. We must be faithful in prayer and trust the results to our Faithful God. Thank you for using your gifts to His glory!

Anonymous said...

Said another way....God is Sovreign!! He's working it all out for our good...even when it hurts. He's got it all covered, doesn't He?
He is awesome.