Friday, October 15, 2010


I am being challenged in my spirit lately. Envy, jealousy, radicalism, nor ulterior motives have anything to do with it. The Standard of Jesus does.

I believe our faith is far more shallow than assumed. I say this not with intended cynic view; but rather from a tender heart toward the awe of God. What we are calling faith is usually a casual attempt at living beyond the explainable with subtle hope that this mystery results in blessings toward us in some way.

If you have ever experienced God where you had times of Him fitting several pieces together in your personal walk that you could not help but notice they were beyond your manipulative talents, I am in that zone at the moment. I’m not looking for what I’m about to say. It just keeps becoming apparent.

Could it be possible faith has become a mere doctrinal step—one of five—rather than a lifestyle? Could it be that after years of study, research, and field tests, we have missed the mark of living by faith in the Grand and Glorious God?

Does my life look like Jesus walking on this earth? Does my life not identify and reflect more with impulsive Peter and that apostle from Missouri, Thomas? Did Jesus not reveal that followers would do greater works than he did? And in the early church didn’t they?

Surely we have all had our fill (of others as well as ourselves) regarding stern moves of the church which ultimately relied on manpower rather than Spirit power.  Have we not experienced agitation over door knocking and bus work where some of the workers paraded their wares?

Yet, I speak of increased surrender to God.  We/I have become casual by our assertive Christian labor being mixed with our love for this world.  There is now a trend--a great trend or movement--at present which is calling believers to believe deeper and higher. 

As our nation's populace becomes poorer, believers are sensing the call to release more of our money and our things and our time into the rising ocean of need.  Christ-believers are not waiting on nor looking to a government to fulfill the needs of these hungry.  God's kingdom ones are arising to the call.

For this to happen I believe we will notice a significant decrease in confidence of our own possessions as they will dwindle to the righteous point that if God doesn't provide....there will be nothing....for those we wish to strengthen or ourselves.  When we hit these standards of God (Deliverance can only happen due to His provision for we find ourselves with bare cabinets and bank accounts) I think we will swim in the glory of God as never before.

This is coming (my opinion).  We will do well to grow together in harmony for the days ahead are surely going to be bleak if continually trying to handle life by a casual faith which has the appearance of surrender but is based on wobbly confidence in self provision.


Anonymous said...

It is so liberating to find that Truth is not contained in a Book.

I once heard a comedian talk about the side mirrors of cars and the stickers warning about how objects in the mirror may appear differently than they really are. The comedian quipped, "I think that they should have a sticker which says, 'Warning: Objects are not really in mirror.'"

The Way, the Truth, and the Life are not found in the pages of the Bible. The pages of the Bible point to the actual reality which is the living Word. Words, syntax, and grammar do not contain the Truth of God. They point to the Truth that is found in Jesus who is God. Those who insist on finding Truth in the pages of a Book are lost, foolish, and dead. Objects of our faith are not really in a Book.

John 5
And the Father who sent me has himself testified concerning me. You have never heard his voice nor seen his form, nor does his word dwell in you, for you do not believe the one he sent. You diligently study the Scriptures because you think that by them you possess eternal life. These are the Scriptures that testify about me, yet you refuse to come to me to have life.

Don't let anyone tell you that the workings of the Holy Spirit are confined to any Book.

Anonymous said...

Wow..."Anonymous" said, in a much bigger nutshell, what I was going to say (and wonderfully, I must say).

I was just discussing with someone this week how we are held to the notion that Campbell believed that the Holy Spirit only works/speaks through Scripture...and that's it. No wonder we have such shallow faith. We almost literally don't believe He still actively works! Are we really any different those that follow after John Smith in our struggle to still uphold one man's interpretation of scripture? I say not much. (Can you tell I'm still working on not having the cynical view about our shallow faith, as you mentioned?)

Jesus said the Spirit moves around like the wind, so how on earth do we think we can begin to understand It, to limit It, to fit It in a box of our explanation?
I'm praying that God increase my own understanding of who Jesus and the Spirit are and to help me actually KNOW them rather than know ABOUT them. I've been shaken recently at the thought of Jesus telling me one day that, even though I did things in His name, He never really knew me. I literally shudder at that thought. God help me.


The Heart Mom said...

Love this! And thanks for sending us your book. What an inspiring write. Good job. I'll try to call you today. Hope we make contact finally.

The Heart Mom said...

Hi Terry,
Love your blog!
And thanks for sending us your inspiring book. You did great.
Hope to make contact with you today. Sorry I've been negligent.
Ashamed, but saved by grace.