Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Encouragement is like a windshield wiper on slow speed.  As it sweeps over our rainy days, vision of life is restored.  That would make you and me most valuable as windshield wipers! 

Jesus is our hope.  Due to the brightness of such light we must believe the darkness from which he spares us is terribly dark.

I think a cloud is hovering over America.  Yes, it is easy to try to ignore but I believe the day is coming when we are going to regret our patience with our blurred vision.  I speak of raging Islam.

We were personally warned maybe twelve years ago when a Jewish Rabbi spoke to us at Memorial on a Sunday night about radical Islam.  Of course we were so indifferent---possibly immune---that his message basically was greeted with a shrug except for the trouble I got in for letting a Jewish Rabbi be in our pulpit as a family was angered and never came back.

This mosque thing at ground zero is no joke.  Radical Islam intends to win the world and this appears to be a key move.  Most of us can give this a shrug as well while noting it is clear back in New York.  But I'm saying darkness is getting darker.

The good side to this is as the cloud gets thicker the need for the light will get brighter.  Do not be dismayed when news begins to alarm....for I believe it surely will.  Instead, use such information to drive you a deeper faith in the Light of the World! 

He alone will save!

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Greg said...

A very politically incorrect blog on your part ... and VERY true! I don't think this nation will awaken before it is too late, from an earthly perspective.