Sunday, March 07, 2010


About three years ago Jerry Rushford and the Pepperdine Lectures introduced me to what would become an incredibly special new kingdom partner and friend; Liz Pence. What a teacher of His Word!

Liz did a special seminar for us Saturday called Mind MakeOver. It was for both men and women. All were wowed!

What makes Liz so powerful is her lack of power. It is of God; not of her. Her story of abuse, mental illness, abandonment, and attempted suicide were all fruit of her atheistic darkness. But....a big word in her presentations....she was afforded the light of God to shine upon His light within her.

Today? Liz is a megaphone of "look at His glory" as we watch and listen. I don't know when I have listened to the multiple and convincing testimonies of Memorial's members as are being heard from Liz' presentations. She was riveting, effective, and starkly in line with the Powerful Word. will lead you to her sight.

For now...we are wonderfully thrilled....and I owe Jerry Rushford!


Tammy said...

Wow and wow some more! I can't tell you how much Liz's class, story, miracle! meant to me! Pete and I are still discussing different aspects and convictions we came away with! (Our small group thought we might make t-shirts saying: "We have our 'but's in the right place!" But we won't!) But (and there we go again!) she is an awesome individual. So so much love in one small person!! Thank you, Terry, for our introduction to this lady!!!

Marge Green said...

Reply to Tammy's comment:
Our weekly class with Liz prompted t-shirts, magnets, and bumper stickers. Some are:
"Manage your Faith, not the crisis!"
"Reality is what God says it is!"
"Fair is whatever God chooses to do!"
We were blessed to have these weekly classes for some time, shortly after Liz returned from Mexico. We are grateful her ministry has widened so that others can be blessed. Marge Green and all the Albuquerque women who love her so much