Friday, March 12, 2010


The one question we deem most important goes unanswered. God goes silent on us.


"God, would you tell me how I am to get through this trial, handle that mess, and endure those frustrations?"

More silence.

God doesn't tell us how; He just tells us He will.

God will take care of us. He gave us His Word....literally.

Look back over your span of God-involvement. How did He get you to this point? How did He arrange for so many right breaks? How did He surround you with such love? How did He pull off those blessings which, looking back, seem like they would never come about?

God goes silent on the "how" for if He were to tip His hand we would try to both mimic and market it. He can't trust us with the explanation of how; but He can trust us with the promise of hope.

He won't tell us how we are going to make the next ten days or ten years; but He is firm in His promise that we will be all right. Should you need a refresher course, read once more Romans 8:28-39. He knows. We win. No circumstances interfere.

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Stoogelover said...

Excellent, Terry. And very much needed.