Thursday, January 28, 2010


Faith isn't easy. In case you missed this fact over your spiritual tenure; faith isn't easy.

Faith is the assurance of things hoped for; the conviction of things not seen (Hebr. 11:1).

The two definitive truths of faith are the two reasons it is such a difficult process; its goal is not yet present and its reality does not at first show itself.

Faith won't cooperate with Missouri; it will not show you anything until you dare believe a matter true before the fact. Faith sees what isn't as will be. Faith stands blindfolded and becomes convinced of actual development before there are any signs of such a matter coming forth.

God promised the Egyptian captives a Promised Land. Some could see faith. Others couldn't see it. And what was the first test of their faith? Immediate trouble; wilderness. Trouble persuaded the majority this was a bad idea. Faith reigned in the hearts of a few and for those troopers, they entered the Land.

Paul and Silas were on a mission of faith when beatings and imprisonment asked if they were certain they preferred to believe this was the correct course. They did. Although extremely challenged, these two behaved as if they were delivered....and they were.

Faith is not step two of a salvationalistic catechism. It is a rigorous element of the heart eye; that skill to perceive when the rug has been pulled from every rational explanation. Faith is one of the most remarkable wonders of the kingdom process. It awakens us to possibility, takes us where men would usually fear to tread, and delivers the most astounding true stories.

The good thing about faith is it is not a dime-a-dozen fluff ball of meandering principle. It is the David to Goliath threat. It is the Job to the twin bullies of pressure and stress. Faith is Jesus doing what can't be done in front of a people who don't want to see it.

Faith is challenging because is the very kingpin of Life in the Son; and it will not fit the standards of flannel graphs or silly fables.


Vasca said...

Hey Your Majesty...missed your blog terribly but it is good that you had that great experience w/a baseball or two, plus a few bats! So happy you're back in the groove and enlightening're the icing on my cake. M and I had some deep's in my a tad more in:

Thanks for always giving us a 'morning rush' jumpstart each day.

Anonymous said...

Faith….I think you hit the nail on the head of why we, the church, are not more effective, and in many cases not even trying or aware, of telling people about Jesus. It’s because too many of us don’t truly have faith, or at least anything that goes deeper than an intellectual, “oh, yes, I believe in God”. We’ve grown up completely selling God short. We’ve bought into thinking that God’s “working” stopped with the end of the Bible being written down on paper. Many (including me until recently) don’t see God’s hand in much of anything that’s happened in the world or America the last two hundred years (just as an example), when He’s conducted it all. Bottom line is many, many of us don’t truly even know Him, or have a clue about how He works…and that affects everything about what we believe and the way we live, and ultimately our faith.

James Riley said...

Paragraph 4: Missouri or Misery? lol.. we in Illinois have a lot of fun with the "correct" pronunciation of that particular state!