Sunday, November 01, 2009


Others are key to how well any of us are doing. We are neither an island nor an isolated work. We are a church....full of variation....filled with multi-giftedness.

The role of others is as important (if not more) than our personal role. Others are the stage from which our works live or die. We are a group...unit.

This is why we must see that all of us are in good health in the Spirit. The blood of Jesus must be pumping throughout the body for all organs to be repeatedly cleansed, refreshed, and rebuilt. The overall body must go into all of the world; we can't make it alone. Jesus couldn't do it from one body and neither can we.

Jesus sent his Spirit to live in multiple bodies...the group. He is everywhere. Everywhere.

The great thing about getting to be an individual is we are among the "others" for everyone else. We count. We matter. We contribute to the new body of Christ.

Awaken to your own value as you begin to notice it in all others. We.....make a great difference....together!

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