Sunday, November 15, 2009


We've just had a great day! First, I wasn't feeling my best but it had no bearing on the Spirit and His ability to escort us through a marvelous day.

Early this morning Jason Thornton performed a wedding in the chapel at St. John's hospital. It was the first to be performed there. Scott Wallace and Kylah Ottinger were baptized three weeks ago, had a child Friday, and were married this morning. God really is putting their lives together.

Later in the morning Connie and Shawn were baptized. This is the couple that managed the Cove Apartments when back in the summer our small group had an ice cream social for the Cove's tenants. Who would have guessed a dish of ice cream would result in a family being added to the church? Well.....we would....we did.

Too, one of our Memorial families fell apart this afternoon due to sin. Why would I mention such a matter when the report was going so well? I write this because Memorial Drive doesn't live a Story Book life. We live a real life and both of these matters fit into the composite of what the church is like and who we are.

The latter couple will have some high hurdles. I'm believing they are at the right place at the right time. Too, they will now realize one more time what it means to be able to start life over.

Baptisms, marriages, and painful bruises; that's what our congregation is about. Perfect? No way. Placed in a perfect position to rest upon His finished works...absolutely. We have had a blessed day. We saw God emerge into our paths from all sorts of angles. We are much because He is everything!

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